1- Elevate your profile

Use an eye-catching icon picture which is ideal for viewing on social media enhanced with a descriptive and informative bio in addition to keywords within your field of choice. n

2- Be uniform

Use the same icon picture, bio, and username on all social media accounts to maintain consistency and have your audience identify you on any platform and interact with you. n

3- Re-sharable?

Your content should fall under at least one of the following; interesting, informative, and entertaining. Ask yourself if it’s worth being reposted by other accounts, as your social media is not just about you.


4- Build a mutually beneficial network

Share other peoples’ contents which builds a relationship showing the other person you’re willing to promote their content at the risk of their reputation to show support and in the future this would be reciprocated within good networks. n

5- Stay trendy

Keep up to date with trending hashtags, sounds and topics and create and share content around them this helps reach a larger audience and building your audience. n

6- Testing

Trial and error can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Testing different posting times, styles, platforms, and everything you do can help you figure out the best ways that work for you. Outside advice is not one size fits all.


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