1. Promotion using influencers


n Influencers with thousands of followers earn by collaborating with brands to market their products to reach the target audience.n Small Business collaborate with micro and nano influencers who are less costly and have higher engagement rate than famous influencers. nn 2. Artificial Intelligence in Chat-Bots


n AI enables free installation and usage of chatbots which features automated responses to the customers reaching out to brands, enabling them to promote their products, create leads, schedule meetings and resolve issues to improve performance.nn 3. Generating Leads n Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram can be used for product discovery and to target audience and persuade them to buy from you, producing consistent sales.nn 4. Engagement is Importantn Due to the latest tweak in algorithms, genuine highly engaging content is the key to social media marketing success to increase your organic reach.nn 5. Translucencyn To solve the privacy concerns concern, the company’s business methods, values, product modifications, updates should be shared.n Consumers will trust more if the businesses are more transparent on social media. leading to increased sales, customer loyalty and good brand image.


n 6. Live videos & storiesnStories are ideal for viewers as they are concise , engaging and doesn’t require a lot of post-processing. A live video gives your audience the opportunity to interact , clear their doubts, helping generate additional engagement.

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