Website improvement and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting pages to rank higher in search engines like Google. Since search is one of the primary manners by which individuals find content on the internet, a higher rank on search engines ensures more traffic drawn to your website. Our team of experts help you from start to end by creating a strategy using keyword suggestions, content marketing, on and off-page optimization and many other techniques.


We at Jaroudi Media would like to share the following SEO tips for you to try it out 🙂

1- Begin The Analysis Of Keywords nDecide what type of content you want search engine such as Google to show up when potential visitors search up specific keywords. Asking yourself questions from a visitors perspective to get search engines to show up the results you want is helpful as well.


nn2- Enhance Your Website To Suit Your AnalysisnAfter settling on the keywords chosen, ensure they appear as often as possible in your website’s page titles, URL, meta tags, alt text and so on. n n3- Generate Fresh, and Engaging Content nKeywords should appear frequently in new content you produce as search engines like Google can figure out when websites are designed just to please the ranking. This id realized when the bounce rate is high and conversion rate Is low due to minimal engagement. n n4- Cut Down The Time It Takes To Load The Website nIt is confirmed that the load time of your website is directly proportional to the bounce rate as people would not wait more than 3 seconds on average for the website to load thus click away instantly. n n5- Utilize Meta Descriptions Of Your Website nThis is the description under your websites link that shows on visitors search pages. Use a description that not only satisfies the keywords but is able understandable and engaging for people to read. This is often neglected but carries a lot of weight.

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